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The JUST KITS GROUP continues to provide the best in quality hardware and building solutions to our valued customers investing heavily in our own trusted staff and employees, while having a positive impact on the environment through the use of innovative methods and where ever possible recycled materials.

JUST KITS is a proud to be the exclusive agent in Australasia for an innovative new product made in Australia that applies the latest technology in heat and sound insulation.

TUFFROOF is a new age roofing and walling material. It has super strong heat and acoustic insulating properties. It has special coatings that will strongly reflect both ultra violet and infrared rays and radiation. These coatings reflect and disperse the heat into the

surrounding air rather than have it build up on the metal surface and transfer into the interior of the structure.No matter how high the ambient temperature TUFFROOF can block the heat transfer in order to keep the interior temperature stable.

Designed to perform in extreme weather. TUFFROOF Steel can bear 150 C Max. Temperature and -40 C Min Temperature. What’s important is cost saving because TUFFROOF Steel has combined in heatproof function with soundproof function, therefore no need to rely on extra material. In regards to the lifetime span, the guarantee is up to 30 years.

Performance Comparision

TUFFROOF adopts advance equipment, scientific management methods and technologies. Qualified staff strictly control raw material to develop and improve the cutting edge quality products and manufacturing to achieve cutting edge quality products.