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Sheds: A Simple Way to Upgrade Your Mornington Home

Ready to upgrade your Mornington home? Perhaps it’s time to add some extra room. If you’re considering a shed, garage, or carport build, Just Kits could be your best bet. Accessible, ready to be customised, and constructed to meet your household needs, our well-designed plans can give your property the storage, and added value, it deserves.

Not sure which option would best suit? Let’s look into the pros and cons of shed builds first.


  • Detached projects that are most often set up away from your existing home
  • Well suited to accommodate small workshops or studios, lawn maintenance equipment—even a spare office!


  • Not many! Sheds are a great way to increase your usable square footage without having to go through the process of planning an extension. With the opportunity to customise it to your needs, add-ons can be purchased to help make your design your own.

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Ready-made Garage Kits for Mornington Properties

If a larger project and build kit are in the cards for you, our pre-designed garages may be a great solution for your home.

Among the many benefits of going down this route, there are:

  • Extra space: bigger than a freestanding shed, these builds give you more square footage for storage or entertainment away from the main house
  • Enclosed project: because garages are entirely enclosed, people, cars, and storage are well protected from the rain. Have you invested in key tools or equipment that needs better protection from the elements? This package could be for you.
  • Another added bonus: need a year-round workshop? An enclosed unit can be the perfect place to set up your studio fully equipped and away from the house to keep dust, noise, and people away regardless of the season.

Consider the Benefits of Carports in Mornington

In the event a large build is off the list for your next investment, consider going the carport route. Another project that can be built onto existing structures or as a standalone unit, carports offer great overhead protection from the rain and suit everything from cars, to bikes, and barbecues.

Among the many features of setting up a carport, there are:

  • Creating a protected outdoor area for dining, entertaining, and barbecuing
  • Extra protection from the elements for motorbikes and cars without investing in a fully enclosed build
  • Creating additional space for firewood, tools, toys, and bikes that are easy to access and use.

Value, Easy, and Customisable

Ready to increase the value of your home? From extra storage to increased property appeal, the benefits of setting up a simple shed, garage, or carport are endless. And because we design each package to be customised to your available space, you can select a ready-made solution and then design it to fit your needs.

If you’re new to the renovation market, feel free to contact our team about looking at your available options and deciding which plan might be best. With pre-set plans ready for review, you can pick out a project that you think will suit, tailor it, and then set it up yourself or have our team help you.

Welcome to Just Kits—we’re streamlining Australia’s renovation process.