TUFFRAME is a totally engineered framing system designed for housing, sheds, garages and any residential, commercial and industrial construction application.

It is made to exacting tolerances in our modern factory and delivered to site assembled ready to be installed and bolted together on site, to produce a durable and strong backbone for all building applications.

TUFFRAME is made in Australia, from strong 550MPA high tensile steel. It is impervious to TERMITE and other insect attack. TUFFRAME won’t burn, rot, warp, twist or shrink like inferior timber frames.

TUFFRAME though stronger than timber, is also up to 25% lighter than conventional timber framing systems.

TUFFRAME is protected by an AZ 150 coating to prevent corrosion AZ 150 is an Aluminium Zinc compound that has been tested and proven to last up to Four times longer than Z 275, the normal Zinc coatings as supplied by other steel frame manufacturers.

TUFFRAME is protected by a 50-year anti perforation corrosion guarantee!