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Galvanized Metal Roofing

Galvanized Metal Roofing, is a new technology material for roofing options. It not only provides heat insulation and corrosive resistance, but also keeps the original feature of galvanized roofing. It will become another revolutionary roofing options very soon.

#1. Profile & Specification

Raw Material Galvanized Steel
Coating Nanotech Heat Insulation Film
Total Thickness 0.2MM – 2.0MM
Coating Thickness 0.1 MM
Width 0.915 M / 0.86 M
Effective Width 0.8 M / 0.84M
Color Red / Blue / Customized
Packing Nude Roof
Guarantee 12 Years

#2. Heat Insulation Performance

Galvanized metal roofing can provide heat insulation function by reflecting the infrared ray away so the heat energy will not collect on the surface of the roof, requiring less energy to keep the interior cool.

#3. Advantages Description

  1. Heat Insulation & Corrosive Resistance
  2. Eco-friendly Material
  3. Impact Resistance & High Strength
  4. Good self-cleaning performance, waterproof
  5. Able to use in very low temperature
  6. Long Color Lasting