Flexible Tiles

What are flexible tiles?

Flexible tiles are made by mixing inorganic clay powder with ore and other elements. The natural texture and color of stone, marble, bricks etc. are reproduced using the latest 3D printing technology.


1200 x 600mm 600 x 600mm 300 x 600mm

Light weight environmentally friendly and safe
Being only the weight of 1/20 that of natural stone, and 1/6 that of traditional ceramic tiles. It is one of the safest easy to use building materials for exterior or interior decoration and because it is man made in a factory requires no quarrying so ensures a better outcome for the environment.

Flexible, bendable
The tiles are bendable with great flexibility, and can directly installed on any shape wall on flat square walls or can be wrapped around cylindrical walls or columns.

Personalized, customizable
They have the flexibility to be made to confirm to any shape and form which allows for customization according to each particular customer’s requirement.

Efficient and integrated
Doesn’t require steel keels or fasteners, can laid directly on site makes for ease of fitting and with greatly shortened construction time.

Diversity of Textures
Can replicate all textures of natural stone with natural colors, never fade degrade or crack and requires no ongoing maintenance.