Fiber Cement Board

Product Features

Fiber Cement board can be used as the base board and ceiling in the schools, shopping centers, theater, houses etc, because of its high anti-impact strength. With outstanding noise-absorbing properties. It can be used in buildings that have a high requirement for strength and sound insulation.

  1. Durable – Water and fire resistant
  2. High strength
  3. Light weight
    It can be used in both new and old building.
  4. Outstanding sound insulation for indoor partition and ceiling even the building which has a strict demand for private requirement.
  5. Incombustible Material
    Meeting the standard of GB 8624-1997 grade A, ISO-1182 and AS2908.2 which is the guarantee of fireproofness.
  6. High impact resistance
    It can be used as the base board in the shops, hotels, schools, entertainment places, hospitals, houses and general construction.
  7. Low moisture rate and water absorption
    It can be widely used in the bathroom, indoor swimming pool, washroom and kitchen etc.
  8. Inorganic material, it is fire proof, anti fungus and antiseptic which is good for health.
  9. Contains NO asbestos, formaldehyde or harmful chemicals